Welcome to our guide on how to keep birds away from strawberries. Harvesting plump, juicy strawberries from your garden is one of the greatest joys of gardening. Unfortunately, birds also love strawberries, and they can cause significant damage to your crop. However, with the right techniques, you can protect your strawberry plants and enjoy a bumper crop. In this article, we will discuss effective bird deterrents for strawberries, natural bird repellents, and scare tactics that will help keep birds away from your precious strawberries.

Key Takeaways

  • Birds can be a major threat to your strawberry harvest
  • Bird netting is an effective physical barrier to keep birds away from strawberries
  • Natural bird repellents using scent and taste can be used to prevent bird damage on strawberry plants
  • Scare tactics can be effective in deterring birds from strawberry crops
  • A combination of preventive measures is essential for maximum protection

Bird Netting for Strawberry Plants: Creating a Physical Barrier

If you’re looking for a highly effective and eco-friendly way to keep birds away from your precious strawberry plants, bird netting is your answer. Not only does bird netting create a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing your strawberry plants, but it also ensures your harvest remains intact.

To use bird netting, simply drape it over your strawberry plants and secure it in place. You can secure it with pins or stakes to prevent it from moving or sliding. Ensure that the netting is taut and doesn’t touch the plants to avoid birds reaching through. The mesh size should be small enough to prevent any birds from entering, but also large enough to allow pollination by bees and other beneficial insects.

Bird netting is a safe and non-toxic way to protect your strawberries from bird damage. It doesn’t harm the birds or the environment, making it an eco-friendly option that still allows you to enjoy a bountiful harvest. It’s a great way to keep birds away from your strawberries without causing any harm to the wildlife.

Natural Bird Repellents for Strawberries: Using Scent and Taste

Aside from bird netting and other physical barriers, natural bird repellents can also be effective in preventing bird damage on strawberry plants. There are certain scents and tastes that birds find unpleasant, making them less likely to approach your strawberry garden.

One way to deter birds is by hanging shiny objects near your plants. CDs or aluminum foil strips can create reflection and disorient birds. Additionally, these objects can create noise when they sway in the wind, which also helps in scaring birds away.

Another natural deterrent is the use of cayenne pepper or garlic powder. Sprinkle these around your strawberry plants to create an unpleasant scent that birds will try to avoid. Be sure to reapply after rainfall or watering as the scent may dissipate.

It’s worth noting that while these natural methods are safe for the birds and your strawberries, they may also affect other beneficial insects in your garden. Use these methods sparingly and as a supplement to other preventive measures, such as bird netting and scare tactics.

Scare Tactics for Birds on Strawberry Crops: Visual and Auditory Repellents

Scare tactics can be an effective way to keep birds away from your strawberry crops. Using visual and auditory deterrents can create a sense of danger and discourage birds from approaching your plants. These methods can work well in combination with other preventive measures to protect your strawberry harvest.

Visual Repellents

Visual repellents work by creating the illusion of danger. Some popular visual deterrents include:

Deterrent Description
Scarecrows Human-like figures that are traditionally dressed in work clothes and placed in a garden to scare birds away. They move in the wind and create a sense of danger for birds.
Fake Predatory Birds Plastic or metal sculptures of hawks, eagles, or owls that are placed near the strawberry plants. These fake birds create the illusion of predators in the area and scare off smaller birds.

It’s important to rotate the location of your visual repellents periodically to prevent birds from becoming accustomed to them.

Auditory Repellents

Auditory repellents work by creating disturbing sounds that are unpleasant to birds. Some popular auditory deterrents include:

Deterrent Description
Wind Chimes These create a loud, clattering sound in the wind that can startle birds and discourage them from landing near the strawberry plants.
Bird Distress Calls These recordings imitate the sounds of distressed birds, indicating danger in the area and scaring off other birds.

Again, it’s important to rotate the location and type of auditory repellents to prevent birds from getting accustomed to them.

Using scare tactics in combination with other measures, such as bird netting or natural repellents, can help protect your strawberry crop from bird damage and ensure you have a bountiful harvest.


Protecting your strawberry harvest from birds is essential for maximizing your yield. By implementing a combination of bird netting, natural repellents, and scare tactics, you can create an environment that discourages birds from feasting on your strawberries. Remember to be consistent and proactive in implementing these strategies to ensure the best results.

While bird netting creates a physical barrier that keeps birds away, natural bird repellents create a deterrent scent or taste. Visual and auditory scare tactics, such as fake predatory birds or bird distress calls, can also be used to complement other preventive measures.

Final Thoughts

With these top tips and tricks, you can enjoy a fruitful strawberry season without worrying about bird damage. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, protecting your strawberry plants from birds is easy and can make a big difference in your harvest. Happy gardening!


Q: What is the best method to keep birds away from strawberries?

A: One of the most effective methods is using bird netting to create a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing your strawberry plants.

Q: Are there any natural bird repellents that can be used?

A: Yes, natural bird repellents can be used to deter birds. Hanging shiny objects like CDs or aluminum foil strips near the plants can create reflection and deter birds. Additionally, sprinkling cayenne pepper or garlic powder around the plants can create a deterrent scent.

Q: How can scare tactics be used to keep birds away from strawberry crops?

A: Scare tactics such as scarecrows, fake predatory birds, wind chimes, or bird distress calls can create the illusion of danger and deter birds from approaching strawberry crops.

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