Are you interested in discovering the fascinating world of names for groups of quail? Look no further! In this article, we will take a deep dive into the terminology used to describe these delightful birds.

From traditional names like a flush or a run, to unique and creative options like a flurry or a whisker, there are endless possibilities to explore. We will also explore famous quail group names that have gained popularity through literature, folklore, and cultural references. Additionally, we will showcase quail group names in different languages, providing translations of common and unique names from around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Names for groups of quail are an exciting and unique aspect of bird terminology.
  • Traditional names like a flush or a run have historical significance.
  • Creative names like a flurry or a whisker add a touch of whimsy to quail discussions.
  • Famous quail group names have gained popularity through literature, folklore, and cultural references.
  • Quail group names in different languages provide a glimpse into the cultural diversity of bird terminology.

Understanding Quail Group Terminology

When it comes to discussing groups of quail, there are a few specific terms that you should be familiar with. These terms can help you communicate more precisely and accurately with other quail enthusiasts.

Term Definition Origin
Covey A small group of quail typically consisting of around 6 to 12 birds. Derived from the Middle English word “covey” meaning “brood of young birds”
Bevy A larger group of quail, usually consisting of around 20 to 30 birds. Derived from the Old French word “bevee” meaning “drinking bout”
Drift A term used to describe a large flock of quail, usually numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. Origin uncertain

While these terms can be useful for discussing groups of quail, it’s worth noting that there is some variation in their usage. For example, some people might use “covey” to describe a larger group of quail than others would. Additionally, different regions or cultures might have their own unique terms for describing quail groups.

Quail Group Terminology in Action

Imagine you’re out with a group of fellow bird watchers, and you spot a group of quail gathered together. Using the appropriate terminology, you could say something like:

  • “Hey everyone, check out that covey of quail over there!”
  • “Wow, I’ve never seen a bevy that large before.”
  • “Can you believe the size of that drift? It’s incredible.”

By using these terms, you can accurately describe the size and composition of the quail groups you encounter, and potentially impress your fellow enthusiasts with your quail-related knowledge.

Traditional Names for Quail Groups

Names for groups of quail are steeped in history and tradition. These names often reflect the behavior, sound, or appearance of these beloved birds. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular traditional names for quail groups.

Name Meaning Usage
Flush Refers to a sudden burst of quail taking flight “A flush of quail”
Plump Suggests a gathering of well-fed quail “A plump of quail”
Covey Originally used to describe a gathering of partridges, now commonly used for quail groups “A covey of quail”
Bevy Often used to describe a group of females “A bevy of quail”
Drift Refers to a group of quail moving together in a specific direction, like a flock of birds “A drift of quail”
Covey Rise Suggests the moment when a covey takes off from the ground “A covey rise of quail”

It’s worth noting that some of these traditional names, like “flush,” are also used for other game birds, while others, like “plump,” are exclusively associated with quail.

Creative Names for Quail Gatherings

If you’re looking for unique and fun names for groups of quail, look no further! Here are some imaginative options to add a touch of whimsy to your quail discussions:

Quail Group Name Description
A Flurry Perfect for a group of quail taking off in a hurry.
A Whisker A playful name for a small gathering of quail.
A Bouquet If you’re admiring the colorful plumage of a group of quail, this name is a great fit!
A Chorus For a group of quail with a lot to say.
A Flocktail Party A festive name for a gathering of quail.

Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to naming groups of quail. Use your imagination and have fun!

Famous Quail Group Names

Throughout history, quail group names have appeared in literature, folklore, and popular culture. Here are a few famous examples:

Group Name Origin
The Quail Five American comic strip “Barnaby” by Crockett Johnson
The Covey Crew TV show “Duck Dynasty”
The Plump of Quail Medieval hunting term

These group names have become well-known due to their association with popular culture and historical traditions. The “Quail Five” was a group of intelligent and witty quail characters in the comic strip “Barnaby,” while “The Covey Crew” refers to the Robertson family’s hunting escapades in “Duck Dynasty.”

The term “Plump” was used in medieval hunting to describe a group of quail that had been hunted and killed, likely due to their plump appearance after being fattened up for the winter. While not as uplifting as the other names on this list, it is still an interesting historical reference.

Quail Group Names in Different Languages

Quail, being a globally beloved bird, has a variety of names for groups in various languages. Here are some exciting translations:

Language Name for Quail Group
French Une covey de cailles
Spanish Un piar de codornices
German Eine beute wilde Wachteln
Japanese バンケン
Dutch Een vlucht kwartels
Swedish En kull vaktel
Italian Una compagnia di quaglie

As evident, each language has its unique quail group name. Whether it’s the poetic French “covey” or the succinct Japanese “banken,” each name adds to the quail’s charm.


In conclusion, the world of quail group names is vast and varied. Whether you’re looking for traditional names rooted in history, creative names that add a touch of whimsy, or famous names associated with folklore and literature, there’s something for everyone.

Exploring quail group names in different languages can also be a fascinating way to learn about different cultures and their relationship with these charming birds.

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a writer searching for inspiration, or just someone curious about the world of quail, the diverse range of names for groups of quail is sure to capture your imagination.


Q: What are some traditional names for groups of quail?

A: Traditional names for groups of quail include a flush, a run, or a plump.

Q: What are some creative names for quail gatherings?

A: Creative names for quail gatherings could be a flurry, a whisker, or a charm.

Q: Can you provide some famous quail group names?

A: Famous quail group names include the “Quail Five” and the “Covey Crew.”

Q: Are there quail group names in different languages?

A: Yes, quail group names in different languages include “volée” in French and “群れ” (mure) in Japanese.

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